AanCnive is a small team that works in project-basis consulting, assisting professional individuals and organizations with works in science & engineering. We focus our service on research assistance, teaching and training, as well as professional writing (including copyediting and proofreading) for business and academics. Other casual works may include creative works and management for projects and small businesses.

The work variations where we have been involved, including:

  • Project Assistance for Academic Researches (Biotechnology & Manufacturing)
  • Technical drawing and CAD for manufacturing/mechanical engineering
  • Academic training & teaching assistance
  • Professional writing for academics (research proposal, report, thesis, scientific journal)
  • Professional writing for business documentation (report, proposal, correspondences, minutes).
  • Graphic design and service branding for organizations and businesses.

How to contact us

Please send your inquiries through email and let us reply within a maximum of 24 hours. Alternatively, you may also call or sending us messages using SMS or instant messages to the number given below.

Privacy Policy
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