About Us

Our nimble team of consultants specializes in project-based solutions across the domains of research, academics, and education. With services that range from professional writing and editorial tasks to management and creative endeavors, we cater to individual professionals, small enterprises, and organizations. Anchored in the philosophy of continuous, sustainable learning, we strive to foster both your personal and organizational growth in this ever-evolving landscape.

Our Services

Document Writing & Editing

With documents at the heart of all businesses & ventures, our team will assist you in gaining full control of your documents. We cover the work of writing, copyediting, proofreading, and translation.

Academic & Research

We extremely value knowledge and have experience guiding students at higher education levels, including postgraduate and undergraduate research, teaching assistance, tutorial, academic counseling, classroom teaching, and laboratory demo.

Workshop & Training

We wrap and transfer our knowledge and experiences through workshops and training, delivering them periodically. Aside from following the listed lessons from our repository, we can also help you to organize your event.

Business Advisory

We provide entry-level management advisory and guidance for professional individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, laying the foundation for future development and organization improvements.

Content Creation

We build websites and emphasize content creation that blends creativity, quality, and design simplicity. We also accentuate function and stability before presentations, delivering more than just a fancy site.

Creative Work

Boost your corporate identity design and enhance the marketing brand of your business. Collaborate with our team to deliver the best unique design and proudly exhibit it to the world.

The advantages of partnering with us: We excel in a wide array of disciplines, including research, academics, and management. Our multidisciplinary team collaboratively addresses a diverse array of projects and tasks. Although our primary expertise is in research and education, we also offer proficiency in editorial services, multimedia production, and graphic design. United in our commitment to excellence, we seamlessly meld insights from science, engineering, literature, and the arts to deliver professional solutions.

Servicing Team & Partners

Eyma TEF

Eyma TEF is a small consulting group with expertise in academic and research writing. They build a consolidated team with experts from science, engineering and English language background.

Wizdem Studio

Wizdem Studio is our auxiliary team of multimedia designers whose experiences are in printed & electronic media graphics, motion graphics, advertisements, and video making.


Averroes is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist with 'automatic' drawing/painting style for various abstract shapes. Experienced in exhibitions, Aver is our advisor in art and creative works.

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We’re always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas, and opportunities. Here’s how to reach us:

  • Mail to: service[at]aancnive.com
  • Phone/SMS/WhatsApp: +62 813-2450 6306
  • Telegram: @aancnive